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Ceremonial work


In a time of interest, need or exploration, you may find yourself wondering how to choose which healer is right for you. There is an influx of healing modalities and it can be overwhelming. Carlos provides many different types of massage but his work goes beyond the traditional massage techniques. Healing can be difficult to articulate; in most places it is just referred to as “healing,” But what IS healing?

Here is an example of a documented session with Carlos. Keep in mind, however, that every session is individualized- based on the needs, desires and interests of each client. All sessions do not look the same. Carlos allows himself to be moved and influenced by what the client brings to the table each session while also allowing Spirit to guide him. This example could illustrate what you might expect more-or-less and help you see, feel or know if this type of healing could be right for you.

Session Time:

1.5 Hours

The Client’s needs addressed in session:

Uncertainty, feeling empty, not feeling supported by partner (she loves him but doesn’t feel supported), a woman in leadership but feeling too many coworkers hang on her (energy vampires), miscommunication, men in management in her national business- they only care about numbers/finance which for her is lacking soulfulness, and feeling like the wrong work environment.

The physical pain symptoms addressed in client:

Pain in the neck & shoulders


Beginning on the back with massage, Carlos works to find blocks along her spine. Blocks can manifest physically and usually energetically reveal to Carlos as he moves through the healing session. He spent quite a while on the back with circular massage because it is known to promote blood circulation, oxygen flow and is also nourishing to the back.  He then massaged her neck, cuff rotators and shoulders because these body parts work in synergy and influence the trapezius and neck muscles; they are interconnected.

After she enjoyed the circular massage and pressure he applied to sore areas, Carlos moved on to finding stuck postures in her arms. He did this by allowing the body to hang and instructed her to not use her limbs, “just relax, and let go of the muscles.” While she laid there, working within herself to release the control of her limbs to him, he stretched them gently. The purpose for this in the session is to encourage the client to trust, surrender and acknowledge their patterned boundaries within the body. Our body gets conditioned through life experiences, when it is allowed, the nervous system can be retrained to relax and release. When you relax you are rebooting, you are retraining the body to be at peace.

After the arms were stretched, he moved to the legs…feeling against blocks, again, applying circulatory massage, touching reflexology spots in the feet, and working the calf, increasing circulation and he coached the client on the table to bring more awareness forth.

When client turned over on her back, he begins the front of the body’s massage. While she was on her back, information came to Carlos in the form of images and feelings (in his mind, his intuition, his being.) He allowed himself to be guided through the process, and shared the images with the client while she was on the table. (Typically Carlos does get images and feelings during a healing session, and will share them with each client. When he does this…the doors of his perception continue to open which can follow with more downloading of information, deepening the healing for client.) This particular client started crying and releasing after Carlos shared the images that came to him. She said she began thinking about the loving people in her life (like her grandmother). Straight away, her breathing enhanced, it was more regular and lighter. Client acknowledged her breathing changed.

This was the first session this client had with Carlos.

Results Reported:

At the beginning of her second session, Carlos inquired if she had noticed any results from her first session. The results reported were deep relaxation, calmness, balance, and she has been able to manifest good things in her life as well

As you can imagine, there’s much more to a healing than the physical experience of getting body work. Carlos works with intuition and the spiritual realm which provides him guidance to facilitate each healing past the point of a simple physical experience. His work is deep, authentic, and powerful. Those who feel called to transform through their body and are ready to surrender in a safe, professional environment would benefit from working with this gifted medicine man.